We spread the benefits of

Cannabis for the world.

Video, photography and cultural production for Cannabis brands.

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In addition to the aesthetic care, our videos have narrative construction, well thought out scripts and technical quality of production and post-production.

Scripting, capturing, editing, soundtrack and livestream.


The process is as important as the result, so we make sure that every production is an environment of exchange, conversation and collaboration.

Lifestyle, product and event capture.

cultural production

We produce events with the aim of entertaining, educating, valuing artists and creating connections.
Our mission is to connect and strengthen market development in a sustainable and ethical way.

events, activations and workshops.

Our way of creating is from those who understand

the creative and healing power of Cannabis.

We use the power of creation and communication to inform, delight and demystify the fascinating world of Cannabis. We love Cannabis and everything it moves, transforms and provides.

That's the vibe. That's our job.


We are a collective of creative cannabis lovers, focused on capturing, documenting, creating and producing content for brands, projects and initiatives around cannabis culture.

We want to awaken a positive perception and an authentic understanding of Cannabis and the culture around it, counting good stories, providing information and creating connections.

Your brand's mission is also ours: we want to help spread the benefits of Cannabis to the world, in all its forms.

Your company will not be the first

to trust our work.

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We are the sum of our partnerships, friendships and collaborations.

Together, we are building a network of industry professionals so that we can provide our community with the highest quality and most credible service.

Meet the partners of our collective:

Weed*Creative    Weed*Creative    Weed*Creative    

Weed*Creative    Weed*Creative    Weed*Creative    Weed*Creative    Weed*Creative    Weed*Creative

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